So as I was roaming around facebook the other day, I've stumbled across with several profiles, which I was certainly sure, each one of it belongs to the so called "budak-budak bajet Hot" -.-"

So what does "budak-budak bajet hot" means ?
Budak-budak = is a group/ gang /of kiddos.
Bajet = Total sum money of money allocated for a particular purpose or period of time. *sumber Jimbo*
Hot = having a high degree of temperature.

So adakah budak-budak bajet hot ini is actually a group / gang / of kiddos yang mempunyai
"budget" bulanan yang "panas" ? haha. * okay I should stop crapping, it doesn't make any senses -.-"hee.

Basically, these particular people are just bunch of posers. They are not actually what they called themselves as "HOT". Trust me, they are not even HOT at all. ( not one bit )
Just because they know how to dress up like a celebrity, that does not make em' HOT. Like hello, how do you know you're HOT ? Are you on fire ? If you do, let me know okay, I'll call 911 for a help. blegh.

To be honest, I don't really mind them being "BAJET HOT" but

"beb, kalau muka awak tu handsome / cantik ke, tak kisah tau. tapi awak tu tak lah hensem/ cantik mana pun. cuma make-up je tebal. kalah artis tau. Janganlah, awak fikir awak tu dah hot. lepas tu nak bajet pulak tu. bajetnyewww. nak cakap english pun terabur. bajetnyewwwwwww. haha. aku pun tak faham lah dengan korang ni kadang-kadang, aku pun tak lah hebat mana pun english , sebab aku takde PhD in english language. -.- tapi sebabkan korang rasa "ouuu english is cooler than 'bahasa', maybe I should talk in english more often, because I AM WAY COOLER THAN YOU"

Sad truth.

So to certain budak-budak bajet hot. You guys are awesome, but you need to read more books to brush up your language skills. Jangan nak main hembus je FUCK FUCK orang. Hah.


oii mai gaduh :)

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