for you ,i give (F)

He doesn’t know what he’s doing to me
He might not even care
He doesn’t know what I want us to be
He hardly notices when I am there
He doesn’t even bother, with silly girls like me
I don’t even know what I want him to see
He knows my name, but doesn’t know who I am
He looks me in the eyes, but does he really give a damn?
He makes my heart beat a little faster when he’s around
He never lets me fall fully to the ground
He breaks my heart with just one look
He’s unaware that that was all it took
He has my heart in his smooth palm
He’s the reason it sets off like an alarm.

He ? it's boy , i hate boy and i hate couple . cau !


  1. Anonymous7:33:00 AM

    niey apsal laen mcm jew bnyi.
    mrah at Danny kewh???